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Hannah Raven is the producer and creative director of Raven Productions Australia. She has been producing theatre and burlesque productions since 2012. She has worked with a number of Sydney production companies, including Red Line Productions at The Old Fitz Theatre, where she played the role of Phoebe in The Judas Kiss, directed by Iain Sinclair, and Pomona in Metamorphoses directed by Dino Dimitriadis, which was nominated for Best Independent Production at the 2019 Sydney Theatre Awards. In 2016 she won the national title of Miss Burlesque Idol Australia. More recently Hannah played the role of Ligeia in Australia's first ever large scale interactive theatre production “A Midnight Visit” which won the 2019 Saturday Visitor Award at the International Edgar Allan Poe Festival in America. Hannah was also the producer and creative director of Burlesque with Hannie Raegan, which was part of the Red Line Underground program at The Old Fitz Theatre for 2018.


"I have a deep passion for Burlesque, cabaret, and interactive theatre. The work I create is often juxtaposed agains the beautiful and bizarre. My work challenges social constructs that dictate gender expectations, blurs lines between the masculine and the feminine and prompts audiences to challenge their idea of what is classically beautiful"

 who inspire my work. 

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